Whiz kid Account

It is a high interest yielding account which is open in trust for children. It is immediately transferred to them when they turn 18 years. Withdrawals are restricted to 4 times in a year.



  • The account is opened in trust for a child
  • Account mandate is transferred when the child turns 18
  • Zero withdrawals on account till end of investment period
  • Competitive interest rate on balance
  • Minimum balance to earn an interest is GHS 100.00
  • Customer’s minimum installment amount should never fall below the agreed monthly payment
  • Customer’s installment could be by cash or standing order



  • Creates opportunity for kids to inherit an account when they turn 18 years
  • Balance could be used as collateral for loan by parents/guardian
  • Opportunity for parents/guardians to invest towards their kids’ education
  • Customers can earn competitive returns on their investments



  • Fully completed and signed account opening form by parents/ guardian
  • 1 passport picture of parents /guardian
  • 1 passport picture of child
  • Recognized I.D. Cards ie voters, NHIS, Drivers’ lincense, passport etc.
  • Birth certificates of child